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Essential oils has provided a health and wellness solution
that will empower you toward the path to healthy living.

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Young Living makes it easy to get started. Choose from several start-up kits with our most popular products; just choose your kit and you are on your way to better health & wellness. Choosing a kit and signing up as a distributor allows you to enjoy a 24% discount from the retail pricing.

Order products as you need it, or sign up as a monthly essential rewards member and get reward points that you can use for free product. There is also an opportunity to participate in Young Living’s generous compensation plan. Share the oils and products you love and get paid to do it!

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About Us

What is Young Living all about?
Who are Rick & Beth Whitman,
and why are they involved
with Young Living essential oils?

How to Use Essential Oils


Aromatic use of essential oils or essential oil blends is a very effective way to uplift the spirit. Aromatic use of oils has also proven to be extremely effective for eliminating and destroying airborne germs and bacteria. Oils can be used aromatically in a variety of ways: diffusing, direct inhalation, indirect or subtle inhalation, as air fresheners, etc.


Many oils are safe to apply directly to the skin. Oils can be used topically in a variety of ways: massage, acupuncture, acupressure, warm compress, cold packs, layering, bath, shower, etc. Carrier oils such as Young Living’s V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex, or any other vegetable, coconut, or olive oil extend oils and provide more efficient use.


Because of Young Living’s commitment to purity, and their Seed to Seal promise, many Young Living essential oils  and essential oil blends are completely safe for use internally. Essential oils can be used internally by: adding oils to drinks, flavoring foods while cooking, or ingesting in capsule form.

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**Always consult individual product labels for specific usage instructions.**

Seed to Seal®

Our methodical and strict practices from
planting to distilling yield potent,
naturally beneficial essential oils that
set our industry-leading standards.

Essential Oils Guide

Young Living produces the best, purest oils in the world, thanks to our Seed to Seal production process. With the goal of changing lives for the better by providing health, wellness, and abundance, we are committed to providing essential oils and products that are pure and powerful for every family and lifestyle.

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Essential Oils in the Home

Safeguard your family by using Young Living’s natural, non-toxic products every day and avoid the dangerous toxins found in many common cleaners, hygiene products, and other household items.

Essential Oils for Wellness

A healthier you is right around the corner. Young Living’s commitment to pure, unadulterated essential oils and supplements will lead you to total body wellness.

Essential Oils for Beauty

Young Living’s essential oil infused skin and hair products are naturally formulated to be free from the harmful chemicals commonly found in many mainstream products.  Use our personal care products to reveal the beauty that resides in you.

Essential Oils for Balance

True health and wellness is found when the mind, body, and spirit are in perfect harmony. Our essential oils used neat, as blends, or as infusions in our other products can provide health and wellness.

Essential Oils Safety

Essential oils are potent gifts from
nature that can often be more powerful
than nature initially intended.

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