About Essential Oils

Essential oils and essential oil-infused
supplements can provide solutions
to restore balance and feel your best.

Looking Deeper Into Essential Oils

About Us

We are Rick and Beth Whitman, Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributors. In March of 2013, I was in a serious car accident and Beth became very ill so we decided to research for ourselves what our options were for better health & wellness through improved nutrition. While doing research we found that essential oils have been used for thousands of years to support healthy lifestyles

We made up our minds that we would try essential oils to improve our nutrition. We also decided to research essential oil companies because any old essential oil just wasn’t good enough for us; if we were going to try essential oils and see if they worked, we wanted to try the best essential oils available. We came to one conclusion, Young Living simply has the purest, highest quality essential oils available anywhere in the world. We don’t ask you to trust us; research how essential oil companies create the oils they’re offering and decide for yourselves, like we did.

The short story version is that we started using several essential oils and seemed to have very positive results. 

For the Full Story     And Conclusion

About Young Living

Through the diligent use of our exclusive Seed to Seal process, we pledge to deliver the finest, most trustworthy essential oils on the planet. We are devoted to the ideal of furnishing unadulterated, potent essential oils for each individual and situation, all imbued with the transformative benefits of our essential oils.

In 1993, D. Gary Young started the first 100% organic farm and distillery enterprise in what became Young Living Essential Oils. At the time, Gary had already recognized the remarkable effectiveness of essential oils; however, due to the great diversity in quality of the available oils, he’d found it impossible to truly utilize their full potential. Gary understood that pure essential oils had the capacity to yield dramatic results, yet the chemically modified, adulterated, or diluted oils available were largely ineffectual and many even harmful.

As Gary continued to grow more farmland in Idaho and Utah, Young Living changed all that. Young Living began growing clary sage, lavender, melissa, peppermint, and numerous more herbs. An expanding call for pure essential oils pushed Young Living to plan and construct the biggest, state-of-the-art distillery for producing essential oils in all of North America. Young Living has also pioneered the revolutionary Seed to Seal process, which maintains the purity, power, and effectiveness of essential oils.

Young Living has continued to grow, and today they are the world leader in essential oils and physical and mental health solutions. Young Living remains dedicated to Gary Young’s primary inspiration, with Headquarters in Lehi, Utah; offices in Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Singapore; as well as farms around the world. Our unwavering dedication to essential oil purity has motivated millions of people worldwide to encounter nature’s legacy of balance and wellness, to produce abundance as Young Living distributors, and to realize chances of lifelong renewal.