Essential Oils
From Seed to Seal®

Young Living is the only essential oil company
that owns and manages every process;
planting, cultivating, harvesting, and
distilling of its essential oils products.

Our Essential Oils are ours from Seed to Seal

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This Is What Sets Us Apart

The Seed to Seal process is what sets Young Living apart from every other essential oil company. We proudly set the standard for authenticity and purity in the essential oil industry. We diligently apply the most rigorous quality control standards in every step from the selection of the seeds, to placing the seal on the product. Literally, from the plant seed that is dropped into the soil to the essential oil sealed in the amber bottle in Young Living’s clean room, the Seed to Seal process is carefully supervised from beginning to end to ensure quality and purity of Young Living pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. You deserve products that are synthetic chemical free, genuine, and with unrivaled purity. Seed to Seal is a testament to our drive of global stewardship and a promise to you of what you can expect using our essential oils.

To learn more about our essential oils, or are interested in learning more about the Seed to Seal process, please visit and experience why quality matters.


If you want the most effective, powerful, high-quality oils, then you must start from plants and seeds that have been verified and scientifically proven, by our own experts and the university researchers they partner with, for their potential to produce high-quality oils. Herbs are selected for the proper genus, species, and chemotype. Whether seeking Clove essential oil from Madagascar, Cistus essential oil from Spain, or Helichrysum essential oil from Corsica, Young Living experts constantly travel across the globe to verify plant, cultivation, and extraction quality to ensure absolute integrity of the essential oil.


Young Living is the only essential oil company to own and manage their own farms. These farms are on soil that has never had pesticides, weed killers, or any other toxins sprayed on them. When weeds come up, someone pulls them. We continually strive to perfect sustainable and responsible harvesting methods, and we demand the same level of commitment to quality and purity form our co-op farms. Young Living’s essential oils are extracted from both wildcrafted and cultivated herbs, from established partnerships with growers and distillers all over the world. Some essential oils come from herbs cultivated in rural areas of countries such as Madagascar, Indonesia, and Brazil, harvested by indigenous peoples, who have untold years of experience with the plants and their growing conditions. Other essential oils come from Young Living farms in Ecuador, France, and the United States, where organic practices are adhered to with great care and exactness.


We combine modern techniques with ancient ones in our own distilleries, making us an innovator in distillation of essential oils. A master distiller must oversee the entire process by harvesting at just the right time for the plant maturity and distilling with the proper temperature, pressure, and time, which varies with different plant material. Some essential oils are distilled traditionally, using techniques that have been passed down through generations from father to son. Other essential oils are extracted by using steam distillation on some plants, cold pressing the rind of fruits, using oil-soluble solvents on some plants, and grain alcohol extraction of some concretes (the solid, waxy residue derived from the extraction of plant materials, usually flower petals), Young Living uses the proper distillation method for every essential oil to maximize therapeutic potency.


Young Living has our own internal labs where we test our essential oils to stringent specifications. We also send samples to third-party facilities in other countries to validate the purity and potency of essential oils. If our oils do not exceed international standards, or if they do not contain the natural bioactive compounds at optimal levels, we do not package, seal, and sell them. Each raw essential oil is sent to our Quality Control lab for identity, composition, purity, and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) testing before being sent to production for bottling.

  • Identity testing is done using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR spectroscopy), refractive index, specific gravity, and optical rotation tests.
  • Composition testing is done gas chromatography (GC) and compared to a library containing 400,000+ components based on retention time and peak area. Young Living then uses a proprietary retention index database created by Dr. Herve Casabianca at CRNS in France via GC-MS and provides firm identification of individual molecules in each essential oil.
  • Purity testing is done using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS), microbiological testing, and peroxide value testing.
  • Safety Data Sheet testing creates SDS which indicate flash point and combustibility ratings for every essential oil.

Young Living never accepts adulterated, cut, or diluted oils; and we believe you shouldn’t either.


To complete our Seed to Seal process, we use state of the art equipment in clean rooms in our own 107,000-square-foot facility located in Spanish Fork, Utah. Each essential oil, painstakingly produced, is carefully bottled, labeled, and then sent directly to our members worldwide.